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Fri at 10:28
is anyone able to login
Fri at 10:28
everything :roll:
Fri at 10:28
ankur lol
Fri at 10:29
woah its 5:29 here lol
Fri at 10:30
none of the gms/vgms/sgms posted anything abt it...seems like neither they know wat happening out there ..
Fri at 10:40
:) funcciona ya
Fri at 10:41
is on line again good
Fri at 10:43
its working now
Fri at 10:54
Server is back up
Fri at 10:55
good ssr is on:()
Fri at 11:22
Fri at 11:22
anybody home
Fri at 12:13
game is back on try and relog
Fri at 12:13
i am on game as wee speak or type
Fri at 12:15
nothings changed
Fri at 12:15
except they paid the electric bill
Fri at 13:50
Fri at 23:24
Sat at 2:50
It's back
Sat at 2:50
Hungman; Romania is the update
Sat at 11:17
yo yo guys~!
Sun at 16:29
Sun at 22:31
Sun at 22:31
Sun at 23:49
SGMs - Please read my new thread under Game Master Discussion
Mon at 1:52
what happened to SSR
16 hours ago
16 hours ago
is ssr working???
13 hours ago
Yes Rapadash
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