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Sat at 15:38
Sat at 17:57
Hi :d
Sat at 17:58
as is everyone?
Sat at 19:02
sa beyler iyi akşamlar :d
Sat at 20:18
Sun at 7:22
When will SSR get changed ? OMG
Sun at 9:16
Sun at 10:01
WHEn i will have to no get more ban for bobo fuck bobo
Sun at 10:02
HAHAAHAHA Mr_bobo_ ja se samo salim izv al ne prestajem dobiti ban
Sun at 10:11
is there any SGM online?
Sun at 10:16
ANY SGM here
Sun at 15:47
Anyone else have problem with the game? "Cannot create directory"
Sun at 19:03
Mon at 11:53
Tue at 1:24
Tue at 10:24
Wat Happen to the Game....?
Tue at 11:47
23 hours ago
hey everyone
16 hours ago
anyone gm here?
16 hours ago
anyone gm?
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