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Mon at 8:59
oh god
Mon at 9:03
Mon at 9:03
what's weird is how your logged in right now
Mon at 9:06
we kept trying and server allowed us
Mon at 9:10
even i am online
Mon at 9:10
use guest acc once n then relogin using ur acc
Mon at 9:10
Mon at 9:11
idk how bt worked for me :d
Mon at 9:12
Mon at 9:12
it says you blocked me on ssrfc
Mon at 9:12
why ?
Mon at 9:15
Sonia70 has left the channel [Mon at 9:18]
Sonia70 has joined the channel [Mon at 9:18]
Mon at 17:49
server online?=
DILIP_HDK has left the channel [Mon at 18:01]
Mon at 20:25
server is back now
Mon at 21:03
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Mon at 21:34
Does anyone play Roblox?! Friend me so you can help me with this map!:
Mon at 21:34
Mon at 21:34
we only play Superstar Racing
Mon at 21:34
Mon at 21:34
answer him if u play that game
Mon at 22:06
when will u come online ChristianRacer12
SSR_Radio has left the channel [Mon at 22:15]
Mon at 22:20
.l. that what u mean for me :p
Mon at 22:20
i am online Radio
SSR_Radio has joined the channel [Mon at 22:56]
people87940 x has left the channel [21 hours ago]
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