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Sun at 23:21
i got 3 followers on Twitter
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Mon at 4:16
stop messing with sunshine harish or else i'll break your mouth off and u cut it :furious:
Mon at 6:33
oh really caroline? if u have guts come and break my mouth
Mon at 10:44
Any way to recover pw?
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21 hours ago CR RACE Weekly and Month
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13 hours ago
the fact that i scroll up and i see Harish's comment.. man.. he's an idiot..
13 hours ago
The fact is
13 hours ago
he's being rude and a bitch to me?, thats the fact
13 hours ago
Harish wants to talk trash at all the people that's helping you.
13 hours ago
Yea that too
13 hours ago
ikr.. seriously, why target me?
13 hours ago
He wants to be an idiot, and wants to idk... call you "incest" for no damn reason
13 hours ago
incest is a sexual meaning
13 hours ago
What HAVE you done to him? NOTHING.... What has he done to you? Everyone you can imagine
13 hours ago
its something, NOBODY should EVER say!
13 hours ago
i do not know how Harish found out about the word.... but.... Aerio was the first person who called me it
9 hours ago
i didnt call u incest890 -_-
9 hours ago
i only said "lol incest890"
9 hours ago
doesnt mean i called u that
9 hours ago
and i started arguing with me because u said "your call mother fucking piece of crap"
9 hours ago
christian, u dont know what she has done, so shut up
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1 hour ago
Whats up with the servers?
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