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Sun at 20:50
hi guys ... GP2015 start in Monday??
Sun at 21:53
Sun at 22:09
Mon at 13:02
update is at 11 pm IST
Mon at 13:03
means 4 hours 30 mins after
Mon at 13:04
normally monday 09, or thursday 12 starts GP2015! also may begin anytime without notifying at the discretion of admins...
Mon at 13:05
it shall start monday
Mon at 14:43
Mon at 14:43
4 hrs 30 mins after? -_-
Mon at 14:43
Mon at 14:43
so long
Mon at 14:58
no update now :(
Mon at 14:58
admins meant next monday (9th march)
Mon at 14:59
the update will be with gp2015
Mon at 16:16
monday of which year? lol
Mon at 20:05
ooh...i think admin says this monday for 2-3 h
Mon at 20:36
does any of you guys have A CORRECT info about those stinken prizes?? :sick:
Mon at 20:44
today is the freaken monday!!
Mon at 20:47
SSR Mini GP 2014/2015 Results video! I know it's a bit late and a long video but I hope you watch all of it and enjoy!
Tue at 1:50
admins meant 9th march? -_- next Monday -_-
Tue at 2:33
Tue at 5:38
PRIZES??????????????????????????????????????????? "evil"
Tue at 5:39
Tue at 5:56
Tue at 6:10
Tue at 13:56
who knows the ssr font?
Tue at 14:41
Haris & chotu, idk why are you 2 still whinning about it, clearly we won't get those well deserved prizes, quite frankly they WERENT even designed yet, so why not do ourselfs a favour and just quit? i mean hell i just received an info that "prizes "will" come on 9th March" which im pretty sure it wont happen so..
Tue at 14:50
hi guys
18 hours ago
New Grid 2 Video, please go and check it out and leave it a Like and Subscribe for more!
1 hour ago
Hey Mates, anyone still remember me?
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